Civil Litigation Cases

Massachusetts Civil Litigation Cases

Types of cases handled by the Massachusetts civil litigation attorneys at Goldman & Pease:

  • Obtained verdict of twelve million dollars ($12,000,000.00) for two brothers seriously injured in automobile accident in Milton, Massachusetts.
  • Representation of metal wholesaler with over $80 million dollars in annual sales in over 200 commercial collection matters.
  • Obtained a settlement of over $200,000.00 on the first day of trial for a small business owner who sold his business and claimed that he was not adequately compensated by the buyer on the contingent purchase price.
  • Obtained a summary judgment of dismissal of a claim brought by a Civic Association against a Boston real estate developer and the Boston Zoning Board of Appeals alleging that our client had not properly obtain a permit. This favorable outcome enabled the developer to successfully complete the development project.
  • Obtained cash settlement of over $800,000.00 for a personal injury victim who was struck by a motor vehicle which had only $20,000.00 worth of bodily injury coverage.
  • After five days of trial, succeeded in obtaining a judgment upholding a will on behalf of our client, the son of the decedent. Our client obtained a substantial six figures distribution where the decedent had disinherited his only other child in his last will and testament that had previously provided equally for both parties. At the time the decedent executed his will he had been suffering for several years from multi in farc dementia and just 6 months after the will signing was hospitalized in a locked mental care facility in which he ultimately died.
  • Successfully represented both employers and employees over disputes involving non-competition agreements and claims of discrimination.
  • Prejudgment Security in Civil Litigation: Successfully obtained hundreds of trustee process bank account attachments and real estate attachments to obtain prejudgment security in cases.
  • Successfully obtained a $2,000,000.00 personal property attachment on taxi medallions in a personal injury matter where there was inadequate insurance to cover the Plaintiff’s claims and which assisted greatly in settlement of the case.
  • Successfully obtained a $100,000.00 liquor license attachment against a night club to secure an eventual judgment.
  • Successfully obtained an order to reach and apply a $26,000.00 mortgage payment to satisfy a judgment for outstanding fees due and owing.
  • Successfully obtained numerous orders to reach and apply outstanding receivables in satisfaction of amounts due and owing.
  • Successfully obtained order to reach the Defendants stock, sell the same, and apply the proceeds from the sale in satisfaction of outstanding judgment totaling over $30,000.00.
  • Successfully obtained an arbitration award in which multiple damages and attorney’s fees were awarded to our client. When arbitration award was not paid, we successfully filed suit in the Superior Court and reached and applied ongoing commissions due and owing to the Defendant in satisfaction of the arbitration award and ongoing fees in the Superior Court Litigation.
  • Successfully obtained wage attachments for the benefit of clients.
  • Successfully obtained numerous mechanic’s liens to secure payment of materials and services rendered in connection with construction and remodeling projects.
  • Successfully obtained a personal property attachment of numerous vehicles of a livery service to secure a potential judgment.
  • Successfully obtained an ex parte personal property attachment of several airplanes of a flight school as security for an eventual judgment.

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