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Howard Goldman’s Foreclosure Interview on the MYOB Radio Show

In case you missed my radio appearance last week on the Mind Your Own Business radio show, I thought I would share the link to the entire segment. We spend 10 minutes discussing foreclosures in the real estate market and the responsibility of lenders, property owners, and property management through the foreclosure process.

Listen to Howard Goldman’s radio segment on foreclosure

Read the entire MYOB interview on foreclosures

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The Best Trial Lawyer Video Series



Attorney Howard Goldman was asked recently to participate in The Best Trial Lawyer Video Series, sponsored by WIN Interactive. This interview captures the history of Goldman & Pease as well as our approach to practicing law in Massachusetts. I hope you enjoy it.


Howard Goldman’s video interview

Goldman & Pease: 2nd Largest Jury Verdict in Massachusetts for 2010

Year in review: the largest jury verdicts of 2010 (PDF version)

By Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Silverio v.Gentile, et al.
Norfolk Superior Court
Date of verdict: July 23, 2010
Plaintiff’s attorneys: Brian P. Burke,
Worcester; and Howard S. Goldman,
Goldman, Goldman & Pease, Needham
Status of verdict: On appeal

On an early December morning in2006,two brothers from Needham were on their way to a coffee shop when an SUV traveling in the opposite direction crossed the center line and hit their vehicle head-on, causing a horrific crash for which the Jaws of Life were required to extract the victims.

The driver, Douglas Homsi, suffered fractures and internal injuries so extensive they later triggered a stroke that left him unable to speak. Joseph Homsi, the passenger, suffered a broken sternum and ribs, as well as internal injuries.

For plaintiff’s attorneys Brian P. Burke and Howard S.Goldman, the target in the quest to obtain the funds necessary to provide the lifelong medical care Douglas would require was not the operator of the SUV, but the car’s owners: the driver’s grandparents. [Read more…]

Attorney Howard Goldman – MYOB Radio Show Appearence

Howard Goldman discusses the new real estate laws on Mind Your Own Business radio show.
Listen to Howard’s Radio Segment on the Homestead Exemption and Lender’s Foreclosure Responsibilities

Attorney Howard Goldman to appear on MYOB Radio Show – January 16, 2011

Attorney Howard Goldman will appear on The Mind Your Own Business radio show, this Sunday 9-11AM EST on WBNW 1120.

You may listen to the show over the internet at

The show covers business topics such as how to successfully run a business for the beginner or seasoned veteran, different financing options, and networking ideas. Along with expert guests who help business owners/managers and those interested in getting into business navigate the issues concerning business. The show also introduces businesses that are in the startup stages that are looking for investors and or financing. It offers a great opportunity to showcase businesses through interviews with business owners and executives.

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Car crash suit yields $12M award in Norfolk County

By Christina Pazzanese, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly – PDF Version

August 30, 2010

Two Needham brothers who were victims of a 2006 car crash that left one of the men permanently unable to walk or speak were recently awarded $12 million in damages by a jury in Norfolk Superior Court.

While the collision was caused by a driver with a record riddled with citations, license suspensions and accidents dating back to 1997, it was the man’s grandparents who proved to be the key to the big win, lawyers for the plaintiffs say.

The then-26-year-old Vittorio C. Gentile Jr. of Canton was driving his grandparents’ sports utility vehicle at the time and had been found criminally responsible for the head-on collision in a separate suit.

But in Silverio v. Gentile, et al., the jury found that it was his elderly grandparents, Lydia and Vittorio Gentile, who were responsible for negligently allowing him to use their 1999 Lexus SUV in the first place, after they had become aware of his extensive and poor driving record.

The plaintiffs’ attorneys alleged Gentile had been hit with so many surcharges that the couple had him removed from their insurance policy even though other grandchildren were still covered and permitted to use their vehicles.

The grandparents also were found to have been negligent in their failure to secure the car from the younger Gentile by routinely leaving the keys out in the open, hanging on a rack in the kitchen.

Howard S. Goldman of Goldman, Goldman & Pease in Needham, who represented plaintiffs Douglas and Joseph Homsi, said the basis of the award is unusual in that the damages stem from the vehicle owners’ apparent consent to allow a dangerous driver use their car. He said the verdict is also notable for having been rendered in a state and county not always known for siding with plaintiffs in tort claims. [Read more…]

Natural accumulation rule abolished – Bar: will change way snow-ice cases argued

By: David E. Frank

August 2, 2010

Lawyers say a ruling issued by the Supreme Judicial Court last week will dramatically alter the way snow and ice liability cases are litigated in Massachusetts.

In Papadopoulos, et al. v. Target Corporation, et al., the SJC held that property owners can now be found liable for failing to keep their land free of dangerous snow and ice, regardless of whether the condition resulted from natural or unnatural causes.

“What the court has done is reconcile this area of the law with the entire landscape of premises liability law,” said Marc L. Breakstone of Breakstone, White & Gluck. “This is one of the greatest public safety decisions to come down in the last 25 years, because now property owners’ liability will be judged according to whether or not they exercised reasonable care.”

Under the “natural accumulation rule,” which had been recognized in Massachusetts since 1883, plaintiffs were prohibited from suing defendants for injuries caused by untouched snow and ice on their property.

Howard S. Goldman of Goldman & Pease in Needham called Papadopoulos “a huge change. One of the most important and difficult factors for plaintiffs in these cases, which usually required the testimony of expert witnesses, has been eliminated.”

Goldman, who represents condominium associations and property managers in Massachusetts, said the SJC’s decision will make it easier for plaintiffs to establish the existence of an unsafe condition.

“That’s always been the key issue in these cases,” he said. “Liability is no longer going to be contingent on whether a condition resulted from a man-made alteration.”

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Dog Bite Victim Seeks $100,000

Dog Bite Victim Seeks $100,000. A lawsuit filed against the town and the Friends of Berlin Animal Control seeks a jury trial and damages of at least $100,000 in the case of an adoption of a Siberian Husky that allegedly attacked a woman and bit off her ear.

The Legal System Works

The Legal System Works by MetroWest Magazine. Attorney Howard Goldman represented this party that was suffering from years of payments under the non-compete agreement, which amounted to more than $100,000. The business was struggling to grow despite this drag that amounted to substantial proportions of its would-be profits.

Legal Services With A Personal Touch

Legal Services With A Personal Touch by Condo Media: The letter of the law may seem cut and dried to some, but Howard S. Goldman, of Goldman & Pease LLC, never forgets that there are human beings behind every issue. And, it’s the challenge of helping them resolve their conflicts that invigorates his practice of the law.

How To Choose A Commercial Real Estate Broker

How To Choose A Commercial Real Estate Broker. Don’t try to ride the real estate roller coaster alone. Experienced brokers have access to a wealth of information that can help put a tenant on much stronger terms when it comes to negotiating the terms of a lease.

Eminent Domain: Boston to Weigh Seizing Property

June 26, 2005

Newspaper: The Boston Globe
By Lucas Wall and Lisa Wangsness, Globe Staff


Boston City Council President Michael Flaherty said yesterday that Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s efforts to spur development of Fan Pier do not go far enough, and he again called on the city to consider seizing the South Boston waterfront property using its eminent domain power.  Flaherty originally suggested taking the 21-acre property in January. He said yesterday that a recent US Supreme Court decision strengthening the eminent domain powers of local governments puts Boston Redevelopment Authority in a better legal position to seek the Fan Pier land.  ”I applaud the mayor’s effort, but I would like to reissue my challenge to see if the BRA would consider moving on the Fan Pier property via eminent domain powers,” Flaherty said. ”Eminent domain is one tool that the city can use along with threatening to revoke the permits.”  [Read more…]