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Condo Surveillance and the Law


Security is a major issue for condominium communities today.  Attorney Howard Goldman shares his perspective and provides legal insight into the state of condominium surveillance and security in the below article from New England Condominium.

Surveillance and the Law

Maintaining Safety While Respecting Privacy

By A.J. Sidranksy | New England Condominium

Secure. The word has many meanings. According to Google definitions it can mean “to fix or attach something to something else. It can mean to protect against threats or make safe. Or it can mean to feel free from fear or anxiety.” Perhaps that feeling of security is the single most important thing we can to feel in our homes.

Security is a major issue for condominium communities today. The choice of a condominium or other communities overseen by HOAs may be made over a private home based on the desire of the potential purchaser for additional security or to have peace of mind that security concerns are being addressed on a community-wide basis. An article that appeared in on-line states that “security was the number 1 concern among people looking to purchase a condominium.”

The state of surveillance and security has come a long way over the past few decades. Where security issues used to rest on the employment of security personnel and perimeter fencing, today’s security arrangements are more hi-tech and complex. Along with technology, has come litigation and legislation. [Read more…]

Goldman & Pease Recognized For 15 Years of Service

Howard Goldman and Cameron Pease were honored at the Newton-Needham Regional Chamber’s Members Appreciation Night held at the Needham Sheraton Hotel. The annual event recognizes Chamber members with significant membership anniversaries. Goldman & Pease were recognized for 15 years of membership and service in the Newton-Needham Regional Chamber.


Choosing An Attorney For Your Association



By Michael Odenthal | New England Condominium

Not every condominium or homeowners’ association is going to run afoul of the law—the happy truth is that litigation and legal trouble are relatively rare occurrences. But even the most upstanding board of trustees in New England must navigate a labyrinth of community association rules in order to best serve its ownership, and the odds are that its trusty group of volunteers will consist of few, if any, qualified legal professionals.

So what to do in order to ensure that an association’s business remains on the up-and-up? Hiring one of the aforementioned legal eagles would be a good start, sure, but how best do you ascertain which attorney or firm is ideal to guide your association right and true?  Turns out, choosing a legal pro isn’t so different from choosing any other kind of service provider your HOA might need—even if the stakes are somewhat higher. [Read more…]

Slip and fall protection or prosecution on New England Real Estate Journal Radio

Howard Goldman discusses new standards for slip and fall cases in the country. Also how to protect yourself from being included such cases.

Condo Law and Real Estate on NEREJ Radio

New England Real Estate Journal Radio – All About Condos

NEREJ Radio hosts Rick Kaplan and Eric Wilson had Howard Goldman in the studio this week. The show was “All About Condos”.

Listen to Howard’s radio interview, All About Condos:

Radio Entrepreneurs Show on the Legal Pitfalls of Commercial and Residential Leasing

In case you missed our radio appearance on the Radio Entrepreneurs show, we are sending you the link to the entire segment. We spent quality air time discussing Commercial and Residential Leasing Issues such as evictions, subleases and assignments, self-help remedies, and liability for unfair and deceptive trade practices in the leasing context. Listen to Howard Goldman’s radio segment.

You may also view the video feed of this interview below:

Radio Entrepreneurs – Thursday, May 24 at 2pm

Attorney Howard Goldman will be appearing on the “Radio Entrepreneurs” Show. The show provides advice, information and connections for entrepreneurs, service providers and established companies. Tune into Radio Entrepreneurs  tomorrow, May 24 between 2-3 PM to hear my segment!

Local Stations:

WBNW 1120 AM – Needham, MA
WPLM 1390 AM – Plymouth, MA
WESO 970 AM – Southbridge, MA

Attorney Howard Goldman weighs in on Nstar’s liability for recent Back Bay power outage

Attorney Howard Goldman was quoted in the Boston Business Journal regarding Nstar’s potential liability for damages caused to Boston Back Bay businesses that were affected by the power outage.

Nstar liability from outage hinges on whether negligence occurred
by Lisa van der Pool,  Boston Business Journal

Nstar officials have insisted in press reports that the utility isn’t liable for losses resulting from the big Back Bay power outage in mid-March, but some local attorneys say that may be wishful thinking on the part of the power company’s leadership.

Firms that experienced business interruptions and revenue loss, may have a strong case to make if negligence eventually is found to be a factor in the transformer fire that caused the widespread, two-day long outage, the attorneys said.  [Read more…]

About Goldman & Pease, Attorneys At Law, Needham Massachusetts

Interview with Attorney Howard Goldman

Howard Goldman’s Foreclosure Interview on the MYOB Radio Show

In case you missed my radio appearance last week on the Mind Your Own Business radio show, I thought I would share the link to the entire segment. We spend 10 minutes discussing foreclosures in the real estate market and the responsibility of lenders, property owners, and property management through the foreclosure process.

Listen to Howard Goldman’s radio segment on foreclosure

Read the entire MYOB interview on foreclosures

[Read more…]

The Best Trial Lawyer Video Series



Attorney Howard Goldman was asked recently to participate in The Best Trial Lawyer Video Series, sponsored by WIN Interactive. This interview captures the history of Goldman & Pease as well as our approach to practicing law in Massachusetts. I hope you enjoy it.


Howard Goldman’s video interview

Goldman & Pease: 2nd Largest Jury Verdict in Massachusetts for 2010

Year in review: the largest jury verdicts of 2010 (PDF version)

By Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Silverio v.Gentile, et al.
Norfolk Superior Court
Date of verdict: July 23, 2010
Plaintiff’s attorneys: Brian P. Burke,
Worcester; and Howard S. Goldman,
Goldman, Goldman & Pease, Needham
Status of verdict: On appeal

On an early December morning in2006,two brothers from Needham were on their way to a coffee shop when an SUV traveling in the opposite direction crossed the center line and hit their vehicle head-on, causing a horrific crash for which the Jaws of Life were required to extract the victims.

The driver, Douglas Homsi, suffered fractures and internal injuries so extensive they later triggered a stroke that left him unable to speak. Joseph Homsi, the passenger, suffered a broken sternum and ribs, as well as internal injuries.

For plaintiff’s attorneys Brian P. Burke and Howard S.Goldman, the target in the quest to obtain the funds necessary to provide the lifelong medical care Douglas would require was not the operator of the SUV, but the car’s owners: the driver’s grandparents. [Read more…]

Attorney Howard Goldman – MYOB Radio Show Appearence

Howard Goldman discusses the new real estate laws on Mind Your Own Business radio show.
Listen to Howard’s Radio Segment on the Homestead Exemption and Lender’s Foreclosure Responsibilities